virtual models for
the digital era

We are the leading studio specialized in creating realistic virtual models and assets for the digital fashion and lifestyle era.

We bring digital presence to life and create individual, realistic virtual models and digital assets for the fashion and lifestyle industry with attention to detail. From the development of virtual fitting models (BaseModels) to the design of virtual shooting models as digital twins (TwinModels®) and matching environments in high-end quality - all 100% CGI.

Virtual avatars created to fit are a success factor in closing the gaps in the digital supply chain. We meet customer-specific requirements and act in cooperation with market-relevant partners in the field of cutting, simulation, 3D models and cloud-based databases. Furthermore, with the option to use virtual fitting models, we sustainably support the saving of resources, avoidance of transport routes and reduction of textile waste.

Verce was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of sooii GmbH and draws on many years of CGI expertise. In the same year, we launched Ava Verce, our virtual influencer, and with her we offer completely new possibilities for collaboration. Bookable via her account, she is the virtual link between art, fashion, gaming, metaverse and the heart of our long-term NFT strategy.

That’s our reality. And maybe yours.